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Saturday, 14 April 2012

Marble Chocolate & Vanilla Cake !!!

Marble Chocolate & Vanilla Cake !!! 

The ribbons of chocolate and vanilla will give your tastebuds a surprised treat

   Ingredients :

  175 gms butter
  175 gms castor sugar
  1 tsp vanilla extract or essence
  3 medium eggs, lightly beaten
  200 gms self raising flour
  1/2 tsp baking powder
  1 tsp milk
  1+1/2 tsp cocoa powder
Preparation :
  • Preheat the oven to  180*C for 10 minutes before baking.
  • Oil and line a square cake tin 
  • Cream the butter,sugar and vanilla essence until light and fluffy
  • Gradually add the eggs, beating well after each addition.
  • Sift in the flour and baking powder and fold in the milk
  • Spoon half the mixture into the prepared tin in such a manner that there is gap between each spoonful mixture
  • Blend the cocoa powder to a smooth paste with 2 tsp of warm water. Stir this into the remaining cake mixture. Drop small spoonfuls between the vanilla cake mixture to fill in all the gaps. Use a knife to swirl the mixtures together a little.
  • Bake for 35 mins or until well risen and firm to touch. Leave in the tin to cool for 5 mins and unmould it gently. 
  • You can make it more attractive by making an icing of white and dark chocolate and decorating it criss cross on the top of the cake. 

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