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Monday, 18 June 2012

"Spinach & Cheese Quiche"

Monsoon has finally arrived and so has the tastebuds .
Raindrops, cool wind, dark clouds and a lazy day ... The only thing that makes this day complete and enjoyable is a good snack and coffee.
Today's recipe is for the rainy weekends when you want to cuddle up at home enjoying a warm,mushy snack in front of your television watching your fav show.
Quiche or Pa^te Brise'e, as it is called in French, is one of the most beautiful and appreciated snacks all over.It goes perfectly well with coffee or hot chocolate and can be eaten at any time.You can use any filling as per your choice and taste. It can be made as a savoury or sweet snack.
Today I am sharing the recipe for a Spinach and Cheese Quiche.
Do try it and share your feedback and experiences. Enjoy the monsoon & keep baking !!!

"Spinach & Cheese Quiche"


For Pastry:
Flour 300 gms plus extra for dusting
Butter 150 gms ,cubed and chilled plus extra for greasing the mould
Eggs 2 
Cold Water 3 tsp

For Filling :
cream 250ml ( you can replace 1/2 of the cream with milk to make it lighter)
eggs 2
salt as per taste
black pepper 1/2 tsp
nutmeg grated ( optional)
Spinach 1 bunch
cheese 150 gms ( goats cheese or cheddar cheese)
processed cheese 50 gms , grated
Italian Seasoning - optional

• To make the pastry dough, put flour into a big bowl. Rub in cold butter with your fingers till it resembles breadcrumbs. 
• Add eggs and mix well. Add iced water and knead in a soft dough.
• Add a little flour if it gets too sticky while kneading. Make it like a round ball and wrap it with a clingfilm.
• Refrigerate it for two hours.
• Rub butter on pie mould and dust with flour. Keep in the fridge to chill.
• Dust rolling area with a little flour and roll out the chilled dough with a rolling pin till it is around 2 inches bigger than the pie mould.
• With the help of the rolling pin, life it gently and place it on the pie mould to cover the entire base and sides. 
• Press the sides of the mould with the dough and cut out the remaining dough ( you can make small pastries with the the remaining dough later)
• Chill the pie again for 10 mins in the fridge
• Heat the oven at 180*C. Prick holes in the pie dough with a fork,line with baking paper and put kidney beans and blind bake for 15 minutes. ( if you don't have baking sheet then just prick it properly with a fork and bake)
• Remove paper and beans and bake it further for 5 mins. ( At this stage you can brush the pastry with egg wash before baking it again)
• Blanch the spinach, squeeze out the water and finely chop it.
• To make the filling,mix eggs,cream,processed cheese,salt,nutmeg & Italian seasoning in a bowl.
• Line the pastry with the spinach and pour the egg mixture.
• Put cheese on top and bake for 25-30 mins at 180*C till the quiche is firm and fully brown on the sides.
• Cut slices and serve

Note: You can try making the quiche with onions, mixed veggies, ham & cheese, etc. I like to decorate this quiche with crusty fried ham pieces for an added taste. 

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